How change we our society

How change our society

Our society traces it's origin to the earliest times , going back more than 4,000 years . What has evolved is a society that is complex and contradictory . Rooted in spirituality yet giving way to materialistic attitude that are downright unethical . Voicing it's commitment to scientific temper , yet ardently nourishing faith in miracles and mystical  equality among the various group of people being vouchsafed by the constitution and yet with the political set up itself exploiting  the caste hierarchy . All these contradiction cannot be explained away easily but they can be seen in the perspective of a society in the process of change or flux or a society in transition as academic put it .

we change our social
How change we our social

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Factor for change society

Social change refers to alteration in the structure infrastructure facilities , their distribution among people and cultural traditions , norms of living behavior attitude of a society do not remain static . Thus social change is basically a transformation at the level of thought behavior and action that does not presupposes eighter strictly positive or negative impact . It can not be limited to one direction only : it may be lead the society towards progress or regressions  no single cause can be identified with social change can be classified as demographic, technological , political , economic , cultural , and legal . Social change does  not happen overnight or suddenly .

Social change
How change we our social

Change structure of social

Generally speaking social conflict and growth of knowledge give rise to social change . But there are diverse factor responsible for social change in india.  Demographic factor include high population growth which leads to poverty , illiteracy , housing and health problems .All of which affect  the social climate. Technology ushers significant change within the society. Rapid industrialisation has brought economic development and urbanisation but alongside has come growth of slums urban areas as well as a great disparity in standard of living . Economic uplifting has been attempted through abolition of landlourism. This has reduced exploitation of the poor at least in some religion.

Technology for social change

Technology  innovation have changed even the common people way of life . Gas stove and biogas lighting have brought a different feel to more and more  village . Agriculture in many region make use of machine and hybrid seeds . There was a time when crossing the seas was consider a sin witness affluent jetsetting all around the globe now . With distance being reduce through devlopment of roads and railways and means of communication revolutionised with satellite . The general awareness of Indians has inlarged . The exposure to outside culturales - through always beneficial has served to open indian minds to receive new ideas and views which have certainly influence the way of life many section of the population .  Cultural factor like sanskritisation - the process explaining  the upward mobility of a sub caste  group in a caste system - have brought about changes in the caste hierarchy , traditional attitude and custom of the people . The law too has acted as an instrument of social change with its measure to deal with social evils .
Election for instance have not only ensured participation of the adult populace without discrimination in the government forming process  but have also extended a politicised dimensions to social entities such as the caste system .

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