Effect of television on children ,teenager and society

Effect of television on children and teenager

The increasing trend in crime by teenager is a matter of serious concerns . The world over , more and more teenager are involved in robberies , mugging , murder and rape
. This trend is visible in India as well .

Effect of television on children and teenager image
Effect of television on children image

violence at an early age have lead to shocking crimes : son battering his mother to death , brother killing one another , daughter poisoning her parents and all this over rather trivial issue for that major motive for murder - money. Bank's are looted by teenager , children are kidnapped for ransom , and killed if that ransom is not fourthcoming , cars and stolen ,old people are cheated and the perpetrators are their teens . Not a happy state of affairs , one would say . Many factors like urbanisation , migration , breakdown of traditional values , inadequate attention given to children by  parents and the influence of mass media , especially films and television , are said to be associated with the rise in crime among the young.

Urbanisation , breakdown and influence of television media

Image for bad effect of television
Bad effect of television image

Today ,we are living in world dominated by the media . The mass media , especially television is increasely occupying the central stage in our lives . Most home in cities have access to television , indeed more than one set to meet different member in the family . Within provision for 24 hours telecast and many channel. Exposure to television increasing and is particularly high among children. Many concerd individual  and organised have raised their voices against adverse effects of television viewing  that such exposure to television is contributory to the violent behaviour of the young , even leading to the criminal act like murdered and raped. Although very little scientific research has been done in the Indian context , there is an increasing evidence of association between screen violence and actually aggressive behaviour emerging from a very large number of studies in wastern developed society . That screen violence may promote aggressive behaviour was first suggest as early as the 1950 . when television was infancy . Since then serious debate have continued , with more and more research findings pouring in , and high powered commities examination this vital issue from all angles . People who watch more television voice have been found to exhibit greater tendencies toward aggressive behaviour in both sort and long term.

Effect of television influence teenage crime

Further , research shows that the primary effect of television viewing is by way of imitation or emulation of the action or scene depicted on the screen . It is common observations that children enact the advertisement and emulate some of the popular character .

Effect of television image
Effect of television influence teenage image

 So much so a few years back a young boy lost his emulation the action to advertise a cold drinks. Later the advertisement in question was withdrawn . In some of the sensentional murders by teenager , investigation pointed to the youngesr having been promoted by a film or television programming , causes fear and leads to the desensitisation among growing children . Often film and television show present violence as a justiable means of settling dispute in daily life . Such depiction , if continually showñ tends to inculcate among the audience , particularly children are increasingly willing to use violence in real life . Television program in general and advertising in particular , create an impression in the minds of the viewer that other are living far more glamorous lives than they themselves are. Based upon insight emerging from a large number of studies . It is safe to say that unfulfilled advertising stimulated desire leads to resentment towards parents and the as a whole . This couple exposure to violence on screen , further strengthen negative perception growing children . It has also been observed  that those who watch television for longer hours and come from a relatively deprived background grow up the perceiving the out side world as ' unfair , mean , unfriendly ' hostile ' . often many of them become prone to aggressive behaviour and actual violence as well .

Minimise the negative impact of television

Many steps are being suggested and debated on how to curb this rising trend in the depiction of violence on the television screen or at least minimise the negative impact on the audience , especially young children .

Image of negative impact of television
Negative impact of television image

includes technical device to block out violence content rating of television program for violence content , making at known publicly , and shifting of programs with excessive violence and sex to time slot when children are not likely significant audience . These proposals under active consideration in many developed countries . And the first two of these proposals  were adopted as a part of the telecommunication  competition and deregulation Act , 1996 in the USA.
Systematic efforts are being made in wastern society to determine best possible and most efficient means of classifying programs contents and convenience that classification to viewers  so that they cloud exercise choice their television viewing and technical block " unwanted"  or  "undesirable" program content with an electronic device fitted in the television set itself. The development of a systematic and socially culturally acceptable classification of a television program content suited to India would help dealing with not only the issue of violence screen but also with the problem of an increasing threat to our culture identity.

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