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40 Intresting fact about metal

1 symbol of tungstens is W and it's m.p 3500°c .

2 tungsten is produced  from Degana mines of rajasthan .

40 intresting fact about metal
metal intresting fact about metal

3 the filament of an electric bulb is made of tungsten and the bulb is evacuated of to prevent the filament from burning and for a longer life span of the bulb .

4 Bediliate is an or of Zirchoniu .

5 The metal Zirconium burns is both oxygen and nitrogen .

6  The metal zirconium has a neutron absorbing characteristics and that why it's used in atomic reactor .

7 Barely is a main ore of metal beriliyam .

Metal intresting fact of image
Metal intresting fact image

8 francium is a radioactive liquid metal .

9 stanus sulphide is called  Mosaic Gold and it's used in the form of paint .

10 Tin is the best allotropic demonstrate .

11 The heaviest metal among all is Osmium .
12 Barium hydrooxhy is also called Baraita water .

13 Barium sulphate is used as a barium indicative code in the human stomach during its X-ray test .

14  In fire cracking , the appearance of green color is due to presence of barium .

15 In fire cracking the appearance of crimson red colour is due to the presence of stranssium .

16 Litheum is the lightest metallic elements and it's strongest reducing agent .

17 metal like silver , gold , copper , platinum , etc. Occurr in free states because of their lesser reactivity .

Metal intresting fact image
Metal intresting fact image

18 Gold , platinum , silver  and mercury are called noble metal .

19 The metal gold and silver are two most malleable substance .

20 mercury and iron are two metal which produce greater electrical resistance with compare to other on passing the electric current .

21 silver and copper are the best metallic conductor of heat and electricity .

22 the nature of the oxides of metal are basic .

23 the special smell in onion and garlic is due to the presence of potassium .

24 the chemical name of cornotite is potassium urancil bendet .

25 The isotope of cobalt is used in the treatment of cancer .

26 Smeltite is an ore of Nickel .

27 Nickel is used as a catalyst in the hydrogenated process of vegetable oils.

28 Greenokite is an one of cademium .

29  cadmium is used as a moderator in atomic reacter , in battery accumulator and in making allows of low m.p used in electric fused .

30  The base of Eiffel tower which of the world famous is constructed from the steel and cement .

31 The symbol of thulium is Tm.

Metal intresting fact about image
Intresting fact about metal image

32 Radium is extracted from pitch blende and it was first extracted by nadaan Curie .

33 metal Palladium is used in the  manufacturing of aircraft .

34 matel gallium exists in liquid state at ordinary temperature .

35 metal Celenium is used in the manufacturing of photoelectric cell .

36 iron is present Cytochrome .

37 zeolite is used in softing drinking water .

38 almost all transition elements and their compound are coloured .

39 potassium carbonate is also called pearl  Ash .

40 Nicrome is alloy of nikhil cormonium and iron. The coil of electric heater is made of nichrome .

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