50 Interesting fact about computer

 Intresting fact about computer

1 Charles Babbage is called the father of computer .
2 John Wan newmaan has made the most outstanding contribution in the devlopment of computer .

50 computer facts image
50 computer fact image

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3  A UK based computer scientist Alan turning called father of modern  computer .

4  The word software was coined by an American stratification J.W Tukey in 1952 .

5 The modern computer was first invented in 1936  by a German civil engineering Konard Zuse .

6 The great revolution in computer came in 1960 .

7 In the whole world the total number of computer are the largest in USA and the japan , Germany , UK and France have their respective position . India stand at the nineteen place in this chronological order .

8 computer literacy means - what computer can do and what it can not .?

9 every year 2nd december is celebrating as the computer literacy day .

50 intresting computer fact image
50 intresting computer fact image

10 In November 1984 the government of india announce the new computer policy .

11 the first computer composed and designed in india was sidharth and it has been manufacturer by electronic corporation of india .

12 the first computer of india was installed on 16th august 1986 at the main post office of bangalore .

13 the first computerised post office was installed at New Delhi .

14 the first pollution free computerised petrol pump was installed in Mumbai .

15 the first computer university of india was rajiv gandhi computer university which is a private institution .

16 the first computerised reservation systems of india in the railway was started at new Delhi .

14 silicone valley of india is located in banglore .

Computer fact image
Computer fact image

15 the first indian newspaper available on the internet is the hindu , while the first magazine on the internet is india on today.

16 among all the political parties in india  BJP is the first party which has its own website on the internet .

17  there are three broad categorizing of computer - digital , anologue and hybrid

18  the computer which does arithmetical calculation is  called digital computer .

19 the first digital and analogue computer jointly the hybrid computer .

20 the mini computer is the computer of middle size

21 The super computer nearby 40,000 micro computer are assume to be internally connected and in it calculation are done in megaflop .

22 The first computer of the world was CRAYK - IS  which was composed and designed by an Americans company Cray K research in 1979 .

23  The Deep Blue is a computer which can work alone equivalent to 32 computer and through the deep blue in 1 second 20 crore multi options in the chess can counter the game plan of opponent .
Deep blue was the computer throgth which chess world championship Garry Kadporav was deafeat by vishwanath Aanand .

24 The first electronic digital computer of the world is ENiAC .

25 two American Robert E. kahn and Vint Cerf invented the Internet in 1983 .

26 the most popular search engine . Google was invented by Larry page and Sergey brin 1996 .

50 computer fact image
50 Computer fact image

27 the first largest computer network of the world is INTERNET .

28 there are five generation of the computer which have till now been developed .

29 In first generation computer vacuum tube diodes and tridoes were used .

30 almost are modem computer in a board computer

31  1KB = 1024 byte , 1 Mega byte = 1024 kilo byte  ,  and  1 Giga Byte = 1024 mega byte .

32 for the search of instructions and processed  program specific language  SNOBOL is utilised .

33 most frequently used operating systems is WINDOWS .

34  USENET is technique to compose a system through which all the university are acceseed to each other .

35 The world wide Web ( www)  is an information space where document and other web resources are identified by uniform resources locators  interlinked by hypertext links and can be accessed via the internet .

36 English scientist  tim  Berber lee invented the world wide Web (www) in 1989 .

37 when a subscriber of internet network is attached electronically with another network then it is called  Gateway .

50 inresting computer fact page
50 intresting computer fact image

38 the latest microprocessor of the intel is Pentinium IV.

39 trade Nelson was the first person who had written a book on personal computer .

40  the author of the computer book soul of new machine tassi kecdar got Pulitzer prize .

41 . the first computer magazine was computer and automation

42 according the scientist the indian language sanskrit is the most convenient and suitable for the computer .

43 the instructions or programme enlished in the computer are called menu .

44 The storage of the record is called file .

45 the working system of the digital computer is totally based upon the numerically calculation .

46 the first pratical digital computer is UNIVAC

47 the fortan has developed as the  first computer language through which program were prepare .

48 Cobol which is a high level language is like the english language .

49 In Cobol the most suitable documentation is possible .

50 the assembly language of Translater which is converted into the machine code is called compiler .

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