Equipment required for internet service

Five basic equipment  required for internet service

1 Computer

2 Modem

3 Web browser

4 telephone line

5 internet service provider (  ISP )

1 Computer : Any good IBM compatible , Macintosh Or UNIx  Computer  that has good storage  space 4 GB or more hard disk , 32 MB RAM and 300 MHG proccpsor.

Equipment required for internet service
Computer equipment required for internet service

 2 MODEM : it is a short form of modulator and demodulator . To connected the Internet through telephone or tele communication line a Modem is required . It is link between internet service provider and browser . Our computer send data in binary code to our medem which convert the binary coded data analog signals . This data travel  along the the telephone network . When the data reach the destination computer , the modem connected to the the computer convert the analog signal back into binary coded data which can be read by destination computer system and telephone modem transmits data in a pulse from over the the network through telephone line needed modem yuwhich convert digital signal to analogue signal  and analog signal to digital signal . The speed of modem measure in BPS ( Bits per second )

Modem equipment required for internet service
Modem required for internet service

There are two type modem
 1 external modem
2 internal modem

The external modem has two be connected to our computer to our computer and telephone line with cable and electric socket while the internal modem is alradal built inside our computer . The billing of our telephone strat from the moment get connected to internet . So a modem with a good speed ensure low telephone .

3 Web browser = web browser is a software that is used to navigate the world wide Web . It connects to commputer to internet . Before start working on the Internet , we make sure that we have a web browser in our computer otherwise ,  we will not able to surf the net . CThe most popular type of browser today are Netscape  Navigate and Microsoft internet explorer , morzill firebox , safari , Opera ,Chrom  etc. We can get available resources from any location through visit site that of location . Each location has a unique address called URL ( uniform resources Locater ) which we type in web browser to get resources.

4 Internet Service Provider : ISP is an organisation that provides internet access to user . If we have computer , we also need an a internet connection from various ISP Earlier in india , internet connection was only available through VSNL ( videsh sanchar nigam limited ) . Now we can choose from popular internet service providers of india such as VSNL , BSNL , satyam online , Mantra on line , MTNL etc. These companies have DNS server in different cities of India . DNS server is a Computer which Translate domain name to IP address .

At present BSNL provider the following type of Connection to access internet to user .

Internet service protocol image
ISP required for internet service

1 PSTN : public switch telephone network
2 ISDN : integrated service digital network
3 leased line access
4 DIAS :  direct internet access
5 account free internet dial up to access based on CLI

6 broadband connection : broadband service is based on DSL technology  ( on the same copper cable that is used for connecting telephone )  this provide high speed internet access service with speed ragging from  from 256 kbps to 8 mobs.

7 Wi-Fi : wifi service have been introduced for providing high speed internet access to convenience public location such as like airport , Railway station , university and their campus.etc.

8 Browser website the web browser :  to browse the website first we open the browser of our computer . It open automatically with our choose homepage . The homepage is the first page of URl than automatically loads , when a web browser starts or when the browser s home button is pressed . Homepage is a main page of website pages .  We can select a homepages  according to our choice or keep it blank . Now , we type the URL of specific website in address bar , which we want to visit open . At resultant we get all the resources website in a adreess bar , which we want visit , At resultant we get all the resources and service of that website . We use back button to go one page back of current page and forward button to go one page forward of current . These button are only applicable between page which we have opened  at anytime by using home button we can go to home page by typing other URL website 

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