Internet related terms and definition

Internet related terms and definition

URL :  URL stand for uniform resources locater . It is a standard way to locate a resource source such as file or documents on the internet . The Url specifies the address of a file and every file of on internet has a unique address . Every URL consist of three parts . The first part of URl consist of three parts . The first part of url contains the name of protocol to be used to access the file resource , the order is IP  addresses or domain names the identity a specific computer on the internet . Such as URL is http :// in which http is protocol and Hotmail ip adress or the domain names where the re how sources is located .

Internet related terms and conditions

The actual URL is a set of four number separate by periods . An example  of this would be but as the difficult for human to use , address are represent in alphanumeric from that is more descriptives and easy to remember . The interInt domain name systems translate the alphanumeric address to numeric.

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2   World Wide Web : it is commonly known as web , is a way of accessing information over the medium of the internet . In March 1989 , Tim berner lee played an active role to devlopment the world wide Web . World wide Web is interlinked hypertext document that contains resources . It is a vast collection of information related pages called web pages . Web pages are written in HTML ( hyper text markup language )  computer language . Each page may contain text , image , videos , sounds and other multimedia and navigate between then using hyperlinks. Mouse pointer appears like a hand when it point to a hyperlink . A hyperlinks which is often called link is the " address "  to a document or a resource on the web pages . To reload a web pages , we use reload button .

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Web server  :  For a web site be available to everyone all over world at all times , it needs to be stored or hosted on a computer  . Such a computer is known as a web server . A web server can mean two things , a computer on a which a website hosted or stored on a computer . Such a computer known as a web server . A web server can mean two things , a computers on a which a web site is hosted or stored and program that run such on such a computer and can send web page out other computer over internet . But most important is to have a permanent internet adress also known as an I.P address . If the I.P address change , the web site would not be found and will appear off line  , the browser will display an error can not find web site.

Bookmark : A bookmark is saved link to web page that has been added to a list saved links . When we are looking at a particular website  and want to be able to quickly get back to it later ,  we can create bookmark for it . If we are going to a site that we often use , instead of having to type in the address every time should bookmark it .

HTML ( hyper text markup language ) :

It is computer language used to create hypertext document for the world wide Web  . Web page are created using HTML.

TCP/ IP ( transmission control protocol / Internet protocol ) : TCP / IP is the communication protocol for the internet , it defines the rule which computer must follow to communicate with each other over internet .

FTP ( file transfer protocol ) : it  is standard network protocol used to exchange and manipulate files over the Internet . FTP represent the network  functionality that enables user to upload web page file like simple text file  , images , multimedia , files etc. From their personal  computer to the server where their media files etc . From to the server where their website are located  and vice versa to download file from a particular server to their own machine .

HTTP : it is short for hyper text transfer protocol , used by the world wide Web . HTTP defines how message are transmitted , and what action  web server and browsers should take in response to various commands . For example , when we enter a URL in our browser , this actually send an HTTP command to the web server directing it to fetch and transmit the request web pages .

ICMP ( internet control message protocol ) : 
It is one of the main protocol of the internet protocol suit . It is used by network device like routers to send error message.

IP Address  : the formate of an IP address is a 32 bit numeric address written as four number separated period . Each number can be zero to 255 . For example , could be IP address . It is an identifier for a computer on a TCP / IP network.

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Domain name : domain names are specific name used in URL to identify particular web pages . A name that is identified one or more IP address for more example http:// every domain name have a suffix that indicate which top level domain it belong to . There is only limited number of such domain . For example

.Acro : avationa
.Gov : government agencies
.In : india
.Org : organisation
.Com : commercial bissnessb
.Asia : Asia
.Jobs: jobs
.Name : personal
.Edu: education institute
.Mil: military
.Net: network organization
.Biz: business organization

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