Introduction to computer | use , characteristics and functions of computer

Introduction of computer

A computer is a man  made electronic machine which stores , reads and process data to produce meaningful information as output . It work very fast and does not mistake but it's capacity is limited . It is a made of English word ' to compute ' . It operates under the control of a set introduction that is stored in its memory  unit . A computer accept data from input device and process . It is into useful information which it's display on its output device .

Introduction of computer image
Introduction of computer image

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Actually  a computer is a collection of hardware and software component that help to us accomplished many different tasks . Hardware consist of the computer itself and including a CPU , a monitor , a keywords , a mouse , a equipment connected to it . Software is the set of instructions that the computer follow in performing a tasks .

Computer and calculator

A calculator is a small electronic device used  for doing mathemamatical calculation . A calculator can not used for written a letter or drawing images , while a computer used be to calculate , drwa images , write letter , and do many other things as well

Human being and computer

Computer can not work on the their down . They do what we want to them to do , only we give them the right command . It's memory better than human memory . It can not forget anything it has saved  so it is also called artificial intelligence .

Computer introduction image
Computer introduction image

Comparison between human and computer 

1 human = human are slow doing in calculation
Computer =  computer can do complex calculation in seconds

2 human = human can being remember
Computer = computer can store and remember a large amount of information at one time

3 human = human can mistake
Computer = computer do not make mistakes

4 human = human have feelings
Computer = computer do not have mistake .

5 human = human can think
Computer = computer never get think.

Characteristics of a computer 

Computer are the foundation of the business , travel ,and leisure of life today . The common characteristics that make computer of all size such a powerful macine are speds , accuracy and reliability , storage captivity , ability , to operate automatically , diligence , scientific approach and versatility .

Computer characteristics image
Computer characteristics image

Speed : computer provide the processing speed required by all facets of society . The quick service we expect at the bank , at the grocery store , on the stock exchange , and on the Internet are dependent on the speed of computer . The speed of a computer is measured in the following time unit for the access time or instructions per second .

Milliseconds 1ms =  a thousand of a second

Microseconds  1ms =  a thousand millionths of a second

Nano second 1ns =  a thousand million secondth

Pico secondss  1 ps =  a millions millionth of a second

Kips = kilo instructions per second

MIPS =  million instructions per second

1 Accuracy and Reliability ;   computer are quite accurate and extremely  reliable as well . They are only a machine and do not make errors on their own . Error are caused by human not by computer .

2 high storage capacity :  computer are capable of storing enormous amount of data that must be located and retrieve very quickly . The capability to store and retrieve volume of data is the core of the information age .

3 Automation : once a process has been initiative , it is capable of function automatically . It does not require an operator at each stage of the process .

4 diligence ; it is capable of operating at exactly  the same level of speed and accuracy even if it has to carry out the most voluminious and  complex operation for a long periods of time . It does not suffer from physical and mental fatigue , black of concentration and laziness .

5 versatility :  the wife use of computer in so many such as area commerce , scientific application , education in a day to day life is simple evidence of its versatility ..

             Use of computer 

Use of computer image
Use of computer image

1 entertainment :  computer is used for playing games , listening to music and watching movies . It is so also used for making cartoon movies , animation films and drawing picture .

2 Education : computer is used in school for teaching , doing mathematical calculation and complete homework .

3 Banks : computer is used in bank for storing information about different account holders , keeping record of a cash and providing information regarding any account in the bank . It is also used by atm of a bank which provides cash without any  bank staff .

4 Railway station and Airports : computer helps in providing information about seat availability , booking tickets and keeping records of a all passengers . It help providing information about the arrival and departure as well as timing as well as timing of trains and aeroplane .

5 medical science : computer helps in keeping record off all the patient in a hospital and a doing a number of a medical tests . It helps doctor in controlling machines in an operation theatre .

6 Bussiness  : computer are used to type and reprint document , letters , they help in keeping records of employee and sending email .

7 defence :  in defences computer is used to help in building weapon , controlling their function , launching  missiles and keeping record of a criminal . It also helps in desingin building , house etc .

9 scientific research : computer is used to improve administration service and their efficiency .

10 publication  :  computer is used in desktop publication .

11 communication :  computer are used in communication such as email, chating .

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