The use of internet

In this article I will tell about the uses of internet on computer and mobile etc.

1 Search engine =
it is specialized program that assist user in location information on the web . It can be used to search anything and everything . Most popular search engine are Google , MSN , Lycos , Yahoo , Khoj and cyber etc. Cyber 411 id a mega search engine that queries over a dozen major search engines in parallel , then return queries ranked by relevance . It gives the research result of 16 parallel queries .

Internet use image
The uses of internet

2 online shopping : shopping has become easier with the use of internet . We can buy or sell online . It is important components of electronic commerce .

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3 Net banking : net banking or internet banking means banking through internet . It has replace the conventional way of banking . Now , there is no need to stand in long queues for deposit / withdraw to check account status . All these are possible with just a few click of mouse . Marketing of internet banking means marketing these uses of banking transaction through internet .

5 job search : nowadays , many people search for their job onli as it quicker and there 8s a larger varierv of job vacancies present .

Internet browse use
the uses of internet browser

6 communication = these is major role of the internet . It help people to communicate either with the use of social networking website through chatting . A chat real time conversation that take place on computer . Internet telephone allows voice conservation to travel over internet .

7 hobbies : those who are having  certain hobbies  can try to improve on it by reading up on many aspects of their body .

8 Research : research papers are present online which help in the research doing literature review.

8 studying : now right from kindergarten children are exposed to internet and computer . They find many useful things to learn on the internet for their education . Online education book have even reduced the need library .

Internet use in education
The use of internet in education

9 Usenet :  Usenet has diminshed in important with the respect to internet forums , blog , emailing lists . The difference , through is that use internet required no personal registration with group converd , that information need to be stored on a remote server , that archive are always available and that reading that message required not mailing or web client , but a new client . The formate and transmission of usenet articles can be ready to any user whose news server carries the group to which the message which have one are more specific  recipient .

10 file download and upload  :  to download to upload any file to the internet ftp { file transfer protocol )  is a common way for user , our web browser can also make FTP request to download program we select form a web page . Using FTp  we can also updated file at a servers .

11 videoconferencing 

 videoconferencing  is a service that allows mulitple participant to converse wich each other regardless of their location through personal computer and internet uses telecommunication of a audio and video to bring people different sites together for a meeting about connecting people . Beside the audio and video visual transmission activity , videoconferencing can be used to share document computer displayed .

The computering required for a videoconfrvideoco

1 video camera or web cam
2 computer system
3 microphone
4 speaker
5 internet 

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