What is software ? Type , fact and definition

What is software  ?

A computer is really a system of many parts working together. Each components of computer is eighther called hardware or software . They physical parts , which we can see, touch and feel are collectively called hardware . The computer and all the peripheral device such as printer , scanner , microphone , speaker and webcam etc . Connected to it that are used to input and output the data are hardware . Peripheral device are hardware that are connected to the motherboard but no part of the main computer system and were added later to the system.

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The program need a kind of documents that gives comprehensive procedural description of program documention even has a capabilities to sustain any later maintaince or devlopment of program . The program documentation describe what exactly program does by mentioned about the requirements of the input data and effect of the performing ap
 Programing task .
Software , on the other hand , refer to the set of series , of instructions  , that tell hardware what to do . It is the combination of instructions and data  , that forms the building blocks of application such as a word procceser , computer Game or spread sheet . The main propose of software is to the process the data into information . The interface between hardware and software . Combustibility , in regards to computer .

Image for software
Image for software 

The person who write and test of computer is called a programmer and a person's who determine buyer need and match it to the correct hardware and software is called a computer sales representative . The process of writing out of computer instructions is known as coding . Copying computer program documentation . The most common example would be instructions manual for a software product  , which is given to the end user . The description language used are informal and are intended to make life easy for the end user .

Types of software

Image for type of software
Image for type of software

System software

1 operating system
2 translator
4 Utility
5 data communication software

Application software 

1 medical software
2 education software
3 business software
4 entertainment software

System software : the user interact primarily with application software. System software enable the application software to interact with the computer hardware . System software is background software that help computer to manage it's internal resources . It is a not single program . Rather it is a collection of programme , including the operating systems , utiloes and devices driver etc. System software includes the operating system and all the utilities that enables computer to function . It refer to the files and program that make up our computer operating system . System file included libraries of function , system service  , driver for printer and other hardware , system preference and other configured files . The program that are part of the system software include assemblrs , compilers , loaders , linkers , file management tool , system utilizes and debugger . The system software installed in computer when we installed operating systems since system software run at the most basic level of computer is called " low level " software . It's refer to operating system to inertact with the computer

Image for system software
Image for system software

While device like keyboard , mouse and touch screen make up the hardware end of this task , the user interface , where a visual interface make up the software for it . The two most  common forms of a user interface are the command - line interface where computer command are type line -by-line  and the graphical user interface where a visual interface , where a visual environment ( such as window , button and icon)  is present .

Operating system : the operating system work as a  meditor between hardware application software and user . Operating system are program that's are coordinator computer resources , provide and interface , connecting user with the application software and hardware . Every genral purpose computer have must have an operating system to run other programs . It performs basic task , such as recognize input from the keyboard , sending output the display screen , keeping track of file and directoies on the disk and controlling peripheral device such as disk drives and printers . It control different component of computer and allows user to inertact with computer .

Image for operating systems software
Image for operating system software

For a large system , the operating system has even greater responsible and power . It make sure that different program running at the same time do not interface with each other. Memory management is also responsible for a security , ensuring that unauthorized user do not access the system . It make computer work property . Some most popular operating system are MS DOS , Windows 95 , Windows 98 ,  Windows XP , Windows 2000 , Windows Vista and Mac OS X etc.

Types of operating system

 Operating systems can be classifieds as a method of operating systems and a mode of operating system access . As a computer have progressed and devlopment so have the type of operating systems . Many computer operating systems will fall into more than one categories .

Multi access operating systems : it allows two or more user to run more programme at the computer resources simultaneously . Some operating system permit system must make sure that the requirements of the varios user balanced and that each programme they have using have sufficient and separate resources so that a problem with one user does not affect the entire community of user . Linex , Unix and windows 2000 are example off multi user operating system .

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