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Type of glass 

1. Water Glass  : this is basically a compound of sodium silicates which is obtained by heating sodium carbonate and silica . The water glass is soluble in water .

Type of glass image
Type of glass image

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2 . Photographic glass :  This is a special type of glass which turns black in sharp shining light thus such as glasses are used as a light protecter and eyes reliefer and thus used in making eye lenses and goggles . The main reason of being black of such glasses is the presence of silver iodide.

3 Pyrex glass :  this is also called borosilicate glass . Pyrex glass has some specific characteristics of chemical durability and more thermal inmallebli resistance power .

4 Lead crystal glass : this is a special type of glass which is used in making various ornamental item by the appropriate decorative cutting and designing . Infact on cutting such as glasses an optical phenomenol of total internal reflections takes place very strongly and thus a pleasure dazzling light is produced .

Glass image
glass image

5 Soda glass : this is a also called soft glass which is brittle and the cheapest and most common glass  .  This can be broken very conventional and by the alternation of temperature some crack appears in such glass .

6 Xena glass : this is best form of glass and from it chemical container and equipment for the scientific purpose and manufactured . This glass is basically composed from zinc and barium borosilicate which produces the soft and good quality  glass .

Type of glass image
Type of glass image 

Flint Glass  : this is basically composed from the sodium , potassium and lead silicates which is used in making idol object of cultural important costly glass equipment or devices . Such glasses are also used in making electric bulbs , lens of telescope  , microscope  , camera and prism .

8 Crown glass : usually this is a soda lime silica glass and it's is frequently used in making lenses of eye glasses .

9 Crookes glass : In this glass mainly sirium oxide is present which strongly absorb the ultraviolet rays from the sun light and used making kendra of eye glass

10 Quartz glass : this is also called silica glass because it is obtained by meeting silica and ultraviolet rays emerge out through it . Thus it used in making bulb of ultraviolet lamp , in making container of chemical reagents , laboratories , equipment .

Use of glasses

1 Soda glasd : in making tubelight , bottles , equipment of laboratory , daily usable domestic utensils .

2 flint glasses  : in making electric bulbs , lenses of camera and telescope  etc.

3 Crooks glass : In making lenses of google .

4 Potash class : In making glass container and laboratory equipment glass utensil which are heated up to a very high temperature .

Many type of glass image
Many type of glass image

4 pyrex glass : in making laboratory equipment  and pharmaceutical containers .

5 Crown glass : in making lenses of eye glass

6 lead crystal Glass :  in making costly glass containers .

Composition of glass 

1 soda glass : sodium carbonate , calcium carbonate and silica .

2 Flint glass : potassium carbonate , lead oxide and silica .

3 Crook glass : serium oxide and silica .

4 Potash glass : potassium carbonate , calcium carbonate and silica .

5 Crown glass : potassium oxide , barium oxide and silica .

6 Lead crystal glass : potassium carbonate , lead oxide and silica .

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