Application of nanotechnology in daily life

 Application of nanotechnology in daily life

There are so many application of nanotechnology in our life . The most important application of this technology can be given below :

1 solar cell .  Nanotechnology make available such as solar cells which are five times more efficient than traditional silicone based on solar cells . The solar cells based on nanotechnology can supply enough energy to eliminate the need of oil . Thus solar cells based on nanotechnology can allows the panel to capture upto 30% solar energy . Further , small solar cells are being portable and flexible which can be installed insifi the clothes and utilised in charging the cellphone / computer / mobile .  These cells are capable for charging the battery of the vehicle like motorcar , truck etc.  Thus piezoelectric  nonfibers can be used power the cellphones / computer / mobile .

Nanotechnology use in solar cells
Nanotechnology use in solar cells

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Fuels cells : nanotechnology also allows the scientist to make more efficient and affordable fuels cells to provide the sufficient energy to specially designed electronic device and light vehicle . The traditional fuel cells resemble like a battery pack , bur has an internal membrane that allows only hydrogen to pass through supply the power . The using the principal of nanotechnology , manufacturing can make such as membrane even more efficient and economicial light weight powered .

Application of nanotechnology for fuel cell
Application of nanotechnology in fuel cell

Accessible medical test :  Reagents used to test malaria must be refrigerator to get the accurate  result and get the shortage of refrigeration system make it a big problem
. In order to get solution of this problam , Us Micronomics Corporation has devlopded the De box , disease testing kit which is not larger than a credit / debit card . Using dried reafents and non plumbing system built into the face of the card . The doctor and technician perform basic blood test without the need of refrigeration or other any supply .  Thus the nonkit DxBox testing system can be used not only for malaria and tuberculosis , but also to test many other disease easily and conveniently .

Nanotechnology and aerospace : the aircraft manufacturer always are in the search of lighter and stronger material through which a compact size light weight aircraft can be designed and constructed . The nanotechnology also help the manufacturer to reduce the size of aircraft and thus fuel consumption can be minimised .

Nanotechnology use in aerospace
Nanotechnology use  in aerospace 

Nano robots : the nano robots  is a medical therapy's through which the specifics diseased cells are repaired and it function like antibodies  . Thus through nano robots defective cells can be repaired and replaced .

Purification of water : the namo magnet can traps the dissolve arsenic of the water and makes it available as a drinking water . Thus through the help iron based nanofilter 98%  arsenic and economical than traditional carbon based  water filter . The nanomegnet also from a membrane barrier to quickly clean the ground water supply too much faster than traditional pumping technique of water .

Nanotechnology use for pure water
Nanotechnology use for make pure water

A better technique for cancer treatment :  modern chemotherapy is one of the most effective methods and a good technique of eliminating  the cancerous cells and prevention them from spreading . But unfortunately , the same powerful chemo drugs that can kill cancer  can also damage the healthy cells due to which patient can suffer for the acute illnesses , pain and nausa . Using the fluorescent semiconductor crystal , researchers have been able to detect pre cancerous cells in the colon and early treatment and preventive measure can be taken .

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