Historical devlopment of astronomy and what is astronomy ?

Historical devlopment of astronomy

Astronomy : natural science which deals with composition , motion and other additional features of the celestial bodies is called astronomy . There are various branch of astronomy like astrophysics , astrodynamics , astrobiology etc. The scientist pertaining to astronomy are called astronomers .

Devlopment of astronomy image
Devlopment of Astronomy Image

Universe : our earth , space and every celestial body like galaxy , sun , star , planet , comet etc.  Present in a system are collectivity called universe  while the study of these is called cosmology .
Our universes is made of billion galaxy and every galaxy has billion stars . These  stars may have their own family like our solar system which has eight planets including earth has a member of this family .

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Equipment astronomers and their outstanding contribution in brief 

Ptolemy geometric theory ;  In 140 AD Ptolemy , a greek astronomer studied about the universe and propounded the geocentric theory . According to this theory the earth is confined at the center of universe , while the sun and other planet revolve around the earth .

Copernicus Heliocentric theory :   a polish astronomers Copernicus propounded the heliocentric  theory in 1543 AD . According to this theory the sun is confined at the center of universe , while the earth and there planet revolve around the sun . Thus Copernicus was the first astronomers who propounded planetary motion around the sun .

Astronomy contribution astronomers image
Astronomy contribution by astronomra image

Kepler laws of planetary motion : J Kepler  did rigour study of the celestial bodies and their motion . He concluded that all the planet revolve  around the sun in various elliptical paths .

Galileo : Galileo  who was a contemporary of kepler confirmed  and supported the ideology and comprehensive view of kepler . The beginning of modern astronomy came into existence in 1609 . , When the refracting telescope was invented by Galileo . Galileo was the astronomer who discovered four settelite of the planet Jupiter and sun spots in the sun . Galileo also discovered the nearest star of the sun proxima centuri .

Herschel :  British astronomer who studied the entire universe and space through telescope and concluded that our universes is not only confined upto solar system but it innumerable is a just very  small part of galaxy . The are ultimate galaxy and thus our universes is infinitely and endlessly extended .

Sir Isaac Newton : british physicist Newton who invented reflecting telescope in 1668 also contributed about the planetary motion on the basis of the explained gravitational force field theory . Later Newton Law of gravitational , which become the most fundamental and basic laws , wad founded to be equivalent  to Kepler laws .

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