Mayavati Says Narendra Modi left wife for Political selfishness

Mayawati says Narendra modi left for political selfishness

Responding strongly to prime minister Narendra Modi questiong her support for the congress government in rajsthan after the grap last month of dalit woman in Alwar , Bsp chief mayawati on monMon asked how a man , who had abandone his " innocent wife" for " political greed " could be expected to respect woman .

Mayawati statement for modi
Mayawati statement for narendra modi

It is extremely shameful . How can he respect other  sister and wives when he his abandoned his own in innocent  wife for political gains ?  Mrs mayawati said in statement , accusing the mrs modi of playing politics over the Alwar gangrape .

The BSF chief remarks sparked angry reaction from the Bjp with Union finance minister arun jaitley  turning her as ' unit of public life "  defense minister sitharaman  Nirmla  demanded on apology ,  saying that instead of answering the political question raised by mrs narendra modi ms, mayawati  had a reported to personal attacks .

Mayawati big news for  modi ji
Mayawati big news for narendra modiji

Mayawati statement for narendra modi

Taking on the prime minister , the bsp chief said she had heard that married woman in the bjp were apprehensive of letting their husbands get close to mrs modi fearing that he might get then sepreated like he had abandoned his wife .

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The Bsp chief then then appeal to woman accross the country ' not for vote for such a person "
This would also to their real respect to the deserted wife of modi ji " mr. Mayawati says  that if a congress government in rajsthan did not take timely strict action in the case , her party could withdraw support .

Mayawati unit for public life 

Hours after the statement mrs jaitely tweeted that the personal attacks on mrs narendra modi ji  exposed the mayawati as unit for public life .

Mayawati unit for public life
Mayawati unit for public life

She is firm on becoming a PM . Her government ethics and discouraged stoops to on all time low her personal attacks today on the prime minister exposed her unit for public life " he tweeted .

" This is what india opposite has to offer to the nation " he said " mamta didi - democracy has a become casualty in bengal .  Opposition worker are murdered , candidate are attack polling booths are captured and opposition leaders are not tittled to organise rallies  " he said  adding that " bahen mayawati " was unfit for public life .

Responding to the statement mrs , sitharaman said it's  absolutely shocking and is disappointed for her to speak I'll about the PM  and his personal life . She has spoken I'll about woman in BJP . Bahen mayawati, please be assured  that all of us are absolutely safe , secure and have good professional  relationship  in our party . She out to apologize for her remarks .

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